Saturday, February 17, 2018

Different Take on Toddler-Proof Doorknob

In my ongoing attempts to stay ahead of Lincoln's ability to do himself harm, I have secured the door to my shop with a new, higher doorknob.

Now simply shutting the door renders it toddler-proof.

Lincoln was super-excited about me drilling holes in the door, right up until I removed the old doorknob and he understood what was actually going on. Then there were tears.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cleaning up the Workshop (again)

Link insisted on spending time in my workshop this evening, so we worked on clean up and re-organizing the pegboard.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Street Address and Front Entry Lights

Here's another project that has "finally" been tackled: our street address plaque.

Here's the old version that came with the house:

You can see where there used to be a security light above the plaque. It was against HOA guidelines, kinda ugly, and made it impossible to read our street address when it was on, so it was an easy choice to remove it.

I have had the numerals for our new plaque sitting in my shop for over two years now. This project was delayed again and again because I wanted our street address to be back lit or illuminated somehow. Potential solutions ranged from back lighting with LEDs, to using one or more spotlights, to using an electroluminescent panel. I finally decided to just use a length of LED strip I picked up on sale a while ago, and just get it done.

It turned out the numerals we picked up so long ago where actually meant to be set in masonry. But it was nothing a drill, a hacksaw and some superglue couldn't fix:

Here's the plaque, mounted, with the LED strip:

I'll put some silicone in the hole, and touch up the paint another (warmer) day.

Since I had my tools out, I decided to mount the rest of the LED strip under the eave of the roof along the side of the garage. It was pretty dim along the walkway to our front door before this:

Now walking to the front door after dark is a completely different experience!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Dining Room Table

The previous owners of the house left us with their dining table, after they tried to sell it to us for $500 (if I recall correctly) and us turning them down. Presumably they weren't able to find anyone else interested in buying it.

We used it because it was free and we didn't have anything better, but we never really liked it. The chairs steadily breaking didn't help matters at all.

On Saturday, we met up with Brianna's parents at IKEA for an easy dinner while they were up in our part of the state. Afterwards, we were browsing, and came across a really cool-looking table, and Brianna's parents wound up buying it for us!

That split down the middle is evidently the current style. It is permanent and cannot be altered. I could do without that aspect of the table, but otherwise we love the look of the bare wood.

And check out the under-table!

There's no skirt or other protuberances to bang my knees on! Heaven!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cleaning up the Workshop

With Lincoln sleeping in the basement bedroom, right next to my workshop, I can no longer work on some of my hobbies during naptime and night time.

So, I have to be able to supervise Link while working in my shop, without him being able to hurt himself when my back is turned for two seconds.

I got all the stuff off the floor and off Link's workbench. I did a lot of vacuuming. All toxic stuff was exiled from under the workbench to the high shelf in the top left corner of this photo:

I strung a second LED strip on the ceiling and cleaned up my 3D printer, parts and scraps:

Computer system got reorganized. The computers are on a trolley now, so I have easy access to ports. All four monitors are active. Speakers work again. And I have my 3D printer upgrade parts laid out on the desk, ready to go.

All the shelving units (and the work bench) are anchored to studs now. The grey metal cabinet is new: I found it on the street last week on trash day.

Link can still make a heck of a mess if he puts his mind to it, but I don't think he can actually injure himself in this room any longer, as long as there is a modicum of supervision.

WiFi Cameras

These little DropCam clones dropped to $30 each over the holidays. For that price, I can buy six for the price of a more mainstream camera. So we bought three.

One for the basement nursery:

One for the Great Room:

And one for the upstairs Nursery:

That wall is getting pretty techy. I should probably come up with a cleaner mounting system for the web cam, Echo Dot, and white noise machine.

The screen is a 24" LCD monitor with built-in speakers, running off a chromecast.

*** UPDATE FEB 4, 2017***

I added a camera for the front porch, and ordered another for the gate on our back yard.

I used this software to modify the firmware on the Yi cameras so I could integrate them with Blue Iris DVR software.

"Office" has Moved to the Main Floor

Neither Brianna nor I have been working from home for a while now. We moved the computer desk and filing cabinet to the main floor, where they should be used more often.