Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cree LED Bulbs - 60 Watt Equivalent

Just wanted to mention: When we moved into the house, it had a weird mix of incandescent and compact fluorescent lightbulbs at a variety of color temperatures (often mismatched right next to each other). I've been steadily moving bulbs around to correct the mismatches, remove the incandescent bulbs, use the CFLs we had purchased in previous apartments, and integrate LED bulbs. I've already mentioned that I'm playing around with LED strips, but most of our new bulbs are these Cree LED 60 Watt Equivalents.

They come on instantaneously, just like an incandescent, and are the same size as a standard bulb (A19). I also like the color temperature - we are using the "warm" 2700k version, not the "day light" 5000k. Best of all, they are only $5 at Home Depot right now!

At this point, we only have a couple of incandescent bulbs left, and only in locations where the bulb is only on for a few minutes at a time (like the utility room in the basement). Brianna can have the brightly-lit rooms she wants, and Brian doesn't have to worry so much about lights being left on in every room in the house!

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