Saturday, March 29, 2014

Family Work Day

Phew, it's been a long day. Started with general cleaning and picking up, including two loads of laundry. Later, a window washer came by to honor a Groupon we have been trying to redeem for four weeks now. All the top story windows have been washed on the exterior, as have a few of the largest windows on the bottom floor. We'll have to do the rest ourselves. He did point out that the seals are broken on two of the windows - we had already heard that from the original inspection report and from Brianna's brother Sven, so at least that was consistent. The windows DO look a lot better now.

The dishwasher the sellers left us has seen a lot of use, with the rust stains to prove it. We took it out of commission today in order to clean off the rust stains, remove the rust from the dish racks, and fix the holes in the vinyl-coating with some ReRack Dishwasher Rack Repair.

Here's a picture of just some of the rust and pieces I collected while fixing up the dish racks:

The dish racks themselves are still in kinda ugly shape. The ReRack isn't the same color, they are missing quite a few posts and some places were rusted clean through and had to be snipped out. However, Sears wants $150 per dish rack for replacements, and these don't fit our dishes particularly well in the first place. I'd rather just put the money towards a new Dishwasher a few months down the road.

The other big thing was Lily, Annika and Ellie coming up to paint! They did a fantastic job, and got a lot of the Master Suite moved forward another 1 to 2 coats, depending on which wall we're talking about. I'll post pictures tomorrow, when there is actual light to take pictures by.

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