Monday, April 21, 2014

Extracurricular Activities

After work today, Brianna went to a freezer meal co-op and I went to a hackerspace.

Brianna's event was at the neighbor hood rec center, where she and a few other neighborhood ladies mixed ingredients into ready-to-go ziplock bags. The bags are stored in the freezer until the cook wants to make that particular dinner. We had the first one tonight - a nice shrimp and veggie meal.

The hackerspace I visited is northwest of where I work (home is southeast), which is a minor bummer. They do have a working 3D printer (as well as a non-working one), a decent soldering bench and a pretty impressive screen-printing setup. They didn't have as many tools as I was hoping, but the people there seemed pretty cool. They are working on building a person-sized 3D scanner, and warmed up to me considerably when I told them my own experience in building a 3D scanner.

Once we were both home, we did some basic cleanup (dishes, laundry) and watched funny videos on YouTube. :-)

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