Saturday, April 26, 2014

Second Guest Bedroom - Getting Started

Brianna's Mom and Sister came up this afternoon to paint again, so I tried to get the second guest bedroom (is that the right term for "not-the-master-bedroom"?) prepped for priming before they arrived - laying down painter's plastic, taping off windows and outlets...and filling in pinholes. Good Lord, there were a lot of pinholes. And nail holes. And screw holes. And a couple of big holes that I don't even wanna know what the cause was:

All those white marks are drywall putty. The color splotches are left over from Brianna testing out colors. I'm glad that purple color is going away.

Anyway, we got the first coat of primer on the walls and ceiling of this room, and even tackled the guest bathroom on the top floor.

We're making progress!

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