Saturday, May 3, 2014

Electrical Work in the Workshop

I only had one electrical outlet in the workshop, but the previous owners left several junction boxes in the ceiling. I had to move this one a few inches to make it accessible, and add my own socket, but now I have power for my computer and 3D printer station :-)

I couldn't figure out what circuit that junction box was on, so I cheated and just flipped the switch for the whole house while I installed the outlet. Only had to reset two clocks after I finished!

***Update - May 3, 2014 at 9:30PM***

Totally forgot to turn the dryer back on though. Towels are still wet :-(


  1. Brian: take the opportunity to "map" the wiring in your house. Draw a sketch of each floor and mark every outlet, switch and light fixture. Make sure every thing works, then turn off one breaker and find out what quit. Repeat for all breakers and until every item has a breaker associated with it. Takes some time, but will come in handy for as long as you own the house. Dad.

  2. Thanks Dad - I do need to do this. The sellers left the electrical panel a mess of crossed out labels and bad handwriting - pretty much useless. Maybe something I can tackle over Memorial Day...