Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chicken Coop II

Brianna's Dad came back up from Colorado Springs to work on the chicken coop again on Saturday. For reference, here's where we ended last week:

Started off the day by installing doors for human access, hen egress, and egg stealing. Then Brianna's Dad worked on the roof. Unfortunately, one pack of shingles wasn't quite enough to complete the new section of roof:

But after a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up shingles and some other supplies, the roof was completed:

While he was working on the roof, I worked on expanding the chicken run underneath the chicken coop. I removed a plank from the fence and cut the chicken wire at the center of the coop, folding it outward, and then stapling it to hold its new configuration:

Now the chickens will have additional shelter from the weather, and they will ensure that the tree we cut down does not come back to life (they apparently eat any green thing they can reach).

As the day wound to a close, we put up 4x4 posts and attached hog wire. This will prevent the chickens from getting out, and predators from getting in.

We haven't finished putting wire on the ceiling of the chicken run yet, or on the door, but it is already looking pretty good. All the doors are installed with hinges and latches, and look great!

We still need to finish caulking and do the painting. And we haven't even started on electrical yet. So this "one-day" project has turned into a 3 day project. But it's looking like an incredible installation!

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