Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chicken Coop

Brianna's Dad is building us a chicken coop! After investigating various options available for purchase, he proposed building one from scratch as the most economical and sturdy option. So we are adding a chicken coop on to the garden shed, using an existing fenced garden box as a chicken run. Here's the before picture:

Brianna's Dad brought a lot of supplies.

And we did a fair amount of work:

And here is how far we got in one day:

Next Saturday we'll finish installing the doors and trim, put shingles on the roof, and add 6-foot posts and hogwire around the new "chicken-run". If we're really productive we'll do the wiring as well (the garden shed already has power). And eventually I will be painting the chicken coop to match the rest of the shed.

It was a pretty full day's work!

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