Sunday, June 8, 2014

Finally Done with that Green Wall

Put up the last coat of green paint on the upstairs hallway, and installed a new air-intake grill and new lights (a full month after they were delivered).

I'll try to remember to get a photo in daylight - that upstairs lamp is dimmed to it's lowest setting, and it's still washing out my phone's camera. There. Looks much better in daylight.

Getting this wall done has been item 4 or 5 on my priority list for weeks now, but every time I finished items 1, 2 and 3 something would jump ahead of this wall to take priority. I'm glad I could finally finish it.

We also did a fair amount of general clean up, and re-hung all the doors, because Eva, our little rat terrier, has been making a renewed habit of "marking" any unoccupied rooms she can access. Despite having a pet door.

...Maybe she should just be an outdoor dog, going forward?

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