Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sick Day

Well, I caught something that completely sapped my energy yesterday. I stayed home from work and watched a lot of TV. I was able to replace that ugly yellow door bell with a $5 black version. I picked it to match our new exterior lights.

Ugly Old Doorbell

We had a tragedy a few days ago: the birds' nest fell down, and the baby birds didn't make it. This hit Brianna particularly hard. Now, in the top left corner of the above picture, you can see a metal basket, firmly anchored to the house. It's tilted for drainage and to provide a better viewing angle. Hopefully we'll have better luck with baby birds next year.

I dug out a section of wire fencing from the backyard junk pile (left to us by the sellers) and corralled a flowering shrub back from the walk way (it had already taken over fifty percent of the walkway).

Our "curb-appeal" is improving. It's a nice change from painting, actually. But I'm going to have to do something about all the stains and cracks in our driveway sometime in the near future.

Oh, one more thing: our bird feeder has an exterior wire mesh hung on springs. It is designed to allow birds access to the birdseed, but to close under the weight of a squirrel, and it seems to have done that job well. At least, we haven't seen any squirrels on it. However, some crows have been digging out the bigger seeds and scattering the smaller ones. I adjusted the springs to be a lot looser. The smaller birds haven't had a problem with it - I have not seen a crow attempt to eat from the feeder since I made the adjustment.

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