Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Update

I finally managed to get the toilet tank off so I could paint behind it. I had to cut the bolt - it was completely rusted in place. By Sunday afternoon, I had touched up the primer coat and gotten the first coat of color in place.

I also finally got some shelves installed in the closet of the master bedroom. The top level used to be wire racks, anchored into the drywall. We pulled those out when we painted the bedroom, and this weekend I finally got around to installing these wooden ones. Certainly not a top-notch carpentry job, but it's a lot more solid than the wire racks were.

After Brianna and I both went through and picked up all the visible debris from chicken coop construction, I went through the grass with a magnet bar and found this:

I got the evaporative cooler working! And the fan blasted a ton of dust and grit in my face the first time I turned it on. In fact, the fan spewed so much grit that I had to vacuum the room once I was reasonably confident I had blown out all the dirt. It works pretty well, though, and I believe Sunday was the first day in Colorado I experienced humidity greater than 40% when it wasn't raining.

And finally, we primed and painted the trim (but not the siding, yet) of the chicken coop, so I was able to fasten down the last of the wire mesh. Still have to weave the ceiling mesh strips together, though:

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