Sunday, July 20, 2014

Plans for Nursery Lighting

I'm planning to install a new ceiling fixture in the nursery. Brianna has her heart set on a sun lamp from IKEA, with glow-in-the-dark stars surrounding it.
So I compromised with her: if she got her sun lamp, I got to install a Death Star Lamp:
(That's no Moon)
I went up into the attic this morning to see what the wiring looked like. Unfortunately, the wiring looked like it was under 12 inches of blown-in insulation.

After a lot of scuffling about, and trying very hard to not put my foot through the ceiling, I figured out that the wiring for the switched outlets in both upstairs rooms runs across the ceiling. This is fantastic news for me, because I won't have to fish a wire through the wall - I can just commandeer the existing wiring for the switched outlet for the new light fixtures, and turn the switched outlet into a regular outlet.

Anyway, I didn't make any physical progress on this project this weekend, but I did verify my theory on how the rooms were wired, and have a better understanding of the attic. Oh, and I learned one more thing: when the day comes to install the lights, I'd better get the attic work done before the sun comes up: it was sweltering in there!

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