Saturday, August 30, 2014

Electrical Work

I started looking into baby-proofing a while ago. In the process, I discovered that the 2008 National Electric Code requires tamper resistant outlets in new construction and renovation. "Tamper Resistant" has a further advantage over traditional baby-proofing: there is no plastic cover the baby can pull off.

Tamper resistant outlets have a shutter mechanism that does not open unless both prongs of a plug enter the outlet simultaneously.

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I have been replacing outlets anyway, because the old ones that came with the house were pretty grody. You can see the shutters in the new tamper resistant outlet on the right.

I replaced all of the outlets in the Great Room today. And since I was already doing electrical work, I replaced that busted circuit breaker, installed a dimmer switch in the master bathroom and replaced the old outlets in the main floor bathroom and upstairs guest bathroom with tamper resistant outlets as well.

Eventually I'll have to redo the outlets in the nursery and guest bedroom with tamper resistant outlets, but that's not going to happen today.

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