Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

I'm finally getting around to installing the rest of those cabinet handles I got at IKEA as-is. I typically have to do tasks like this, which involve permanent destructive changes (especially making holes) after Brianna has gone to bed or left the house - if she's around to hear it, it drives her stress level through the roof. This is how far I got before the battery in my cordless drill died for the night:

I still have (1, 2, 3... 11) eleven handles left to install, after installing sixteen tonight. Unfortunately, those horizontal drawers (as opposed to the vertical doors - I just love the English language) are a real pain. I have to counterbore the interior side of the drawer to make the hardware work in the area we want the handles to be. And to make it extra tricky, the screws holding the front panel onto the drawer body are going to interfere with the handle hardware on nearly every drawer in the kitchen.

Fun fun fun.

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