Monday, August 11, 2014

More Firewood and Back Yard

I finished up the last couple of logs from yesterday. I finished filling up the wood shed, and stacked the remaining small, un-split logs next to the woodshed. So, I'm all done with all the big logs. There are still a number of branches with leaves on them in that back pile, though.

Brianna's been asking me to trim off the bottom layer of branches on this tree for a while now. According to her, the prickly branches give the local rabbits an "unfair advantage" over Eva during chases.

Since I already had the chainsaw out, so I made 3 or 4 quick cuts, and had it trimmed down.

I couldn't think of a better option, so I threw the branches back in the same area I've been cleaning out.

Does anyone know if conifer branches are safe for chickens? I think that tree is some kind of fir. Or at least, it smells like a christmas tree. Apparently it's a Blue Spruce.