Monday, August 18, 2014

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm in the Master Bedroom

Last night/early this morning, our son gave Brianna a kick to the bladder, and in her haste to get to the water closet she bumped nose-first into a wall.

This sped up my plans to get a Nest Protect in the master bedroom considerably. After trying unsuccessfully to buy one at two local stores (the web sites said they were in stock, but no one was able to find one when I asked) I stole the Nest Protect from the basement and installed it in the master bedroom. I ordered a replacement from

It's positioned between the bed and the water closet, and when we tested its motion-sensing nightlight feature, it worked quite well. Hopefully 2AM trips to the bathroom will be less painful from now on.

***Update: The next morning***

Brianna said it worked perfectly! The nightlight feature turned on as she got out of bed, and I never noticed a thing!

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