Saturday, August 23, 2014

Painting Prep

Brianna is going on two business trips over the next two weeks, which gives me an opportunity to paint. She's also excited enough about getting the whole house painted that she says she can handle some paint smell while she's home, which means she's getting really anxious to have the house painting finished.

I worked on prep today, starting with dusting. I used up one entire swiffer duster just around that high window.

I went on to use 3 more in the next hour.

I also learned that the ladder I borrowed from my father-in-law is not tall enough for me to safely paint the ceiling and walls in the super-tall areas. Brianna and I talked about it, and I'm going to paint the lower vaulted ceiling and everything underneath it, and we're going to hire out the super-tall ceiling and walls, which includes the stairwell. That's going to have to go under September's budget, though.

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