Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brianna's New iPhone

Brianna's iPhone suffered some water damage back in November, and ever since then she's been soldiering through with my old, busted-microphone, three-year-old iPhone.

Today, her shiny new iPhone 6 arrived:

Now, Brianna will tell you that she doesn't care all that much about technology (and compared to me, there might be some truth there) but she's been on pins and needles waiting for this phone to show up. She unboxed it herself, then I stole it for half an hour to transfer her old phone's data over to the new one (and let me tell you, restoring a new iPhone from an old backup does not "just work", Apple). Since then she's been huddled over the phone, grinning, giggling and occasionally gasping.

I am very happy that Brianna has a new phone with a fantastic camera and lots of storage space for photos and videos. A little over two months from now, I expect the rate of picture taking to go up dramatically.

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