Saturday, September 13, 2014

House Guest and Being (ugh) "Social"

Fellow Calvin College alum Mike is between jobs, and he drove down from Michigan to visit. Brianna and I have been going to work as normal, so I imagine most of the week has been fairly boring for him.

After we got the piano moved, Brianna insisted on visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens, which currently has a Chihuly exhibit on display. Seeing all that blown glass art amidst the plants and flowers was pretty cool.

Actually, I think the Botanical Gardens would have been kinda boring without the huge number of glass objects.

After the Botanical Gardens, we visited another Calvin alum, Heather. Turns out Heather and her husband Jordan bought a house a year ago not too far from our old apartment in Lakewood. It's a real shame we didn't figure that out earlier. Heather, Mike and Brianna had all shared social circles in college, but Heather and I vaguely recognized each other, but couldn't figure out why. After 90 minutes of intermittently quizzing each other on classes, friends, and activities, we decided the most likely connection was spanish class, though we couldn't narrow it down to a specific semester.

I don't have any pictures of the visit, but it was very pleasant. Their house is lovely (though I noted to myself with smug self-satisfaction that our house now has fewer holes in the walls than theirs does - I'm a horrible person) and they've done a great job decorating. It was actually pretty fun to compare IKEA furniture with someone else who also had a lot things from IKEA. I think we'll have to invite them down to our house soon.

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