Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meeting the Pediatrician

Turns out there's only one practicing doctor in our town who is officially licensed as *just* a pediatrician (there are tons of family doctors, but just this one pediatrician). We met her after work today. She looks kinda grandmotherly, and told us she's been working for Kaiser Permanente for over 25 years. Which means she's been practicing medicine for just about as long as Brianna and I have been alive.

She seemed quite competent, and I don't think we'll have any problem using her services. She did warn us to do what we could to get Lincoln added to our insurance plan now, before the birth, which seems like good advice. I had kinda glossed over that whole issue: we are on a Kaiser insurance plan, we go to Kaiser doctors, we have a Kaiser OB, and Brianna will be delivering at a Kaiser facility. I just kinda figured Kaiser would be aware we were adding someone to the family insurance plan.

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