Sunday, October 19, 2014


Brian has noticed a little bit of a change in his wife in the last few weeks. She may wake up at 2am and decide the sheets NEED to be on the crib, or that the diapers (clothing, blankets) must be washed and put away nicely in the drawer. Nesting has started to hit.

I have also been thinking about easy food for after Lincoln arrives.
Today was no exception...

These are the 9th & 10th crockpot meals that are in the chest freezer. 

I have asked Brian if he can make these. He assured me that he can walk downstairs and grab one, bring it upstairs, place in crockpot without the ziplock bag, and turn the crockpot on.

I'm almost tempted to have him do a dry run before Link arrives. I think it's the hormones talking.

1 comment:

  1. Wait, I'm supposed to take it *out* of the ziplock bag? ...good to know.

    Also, what you do at 2AM is your business. Leave me out of it :-P