Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sprinkler System Winterized

Brian is away, so... it is time for me to hire out jobs. :-)

Brian and I were talking about having our sprinkler system blown down. He was on NextDoor (like a Facebook for neighbors with no videos) and one of our neighbors has been in the commercial lawn care business for 17+ years and was recommended by another neighbor. He was about the same price as the unknown flyer person, so I think a reasonable fee.  

He arrived on-time with his large compressor.  Look how pretty the leaves are... it feels like fall.

He got the compressor started, turned the water off.
And assembled a drain on the line when the vacuum is broken.  The bucket is to catch the water when it drains down the line.

Attached the air hose.

Then he started to blow out each zone.

Brian told me about an app called Hyperlapse.  It is for long timelapse videos... has some cool stabilization technology built in.  

This is one zone finishing and one complete zone cycle.   I think the original video was 4 minutes down to ~30seconds.   It is fun to play with the speed of these. 

Then he cleaned up. The process didn't take very long, 30 minutes from him pulling up to him cleaned up and leaving. 

I am very happy with how professional and quick he was. He also was very happy to talk me through all the ins and outs of sprinkler mainentence, compressors, how our sprinkler system compares to other residential and commercial ones. I liked him a lot. His name is Steve.  (Brian would you please find his # again...?)

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