Friday, October 3, 2014

Third Childbirth Class

We went to our third child birth class last night. They're kinda blurring together in my mind now.

Last night focused a lot on possible medical interventions and potential alternatives (inducing the pregnancy, epidurals, walking up and down the hospital corridors, etc.).

The class instructor emphasized that it was important to have a birth plan, as parents that felt they were making choices about how the birth would go felt better about the whole experience, as opposed to parents to whom the birth "happened". On the other hand, she was sure to point out that when it came down to a medical necessity that affected the life of the mother or baby, it was time to let go of prior desires and follow the doctor's orders.

No childbirth class next week - the only room large enough for the class had been reserved for that time slot months ago for something else, so we'll pick up the final class in the series in two weeks.

"Fortunately", to make up for that lack, there is a three hour class on breastfeeding this coming Monday night that I apparently need to attend. 

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  1. You are given the opportunity to learn about something that I am planning on doing and help me along the way! That is why! Also, I didn't sign up for the all women one... so that helps. I don't want to be the only pregnant woman there who doesn't have her husband there... I would have to talk to other people that way... too scary.