Thursday, October 30, 2014

Weekend Prep

This Saturday, Brianna is having her third (and last) baby shower, thrown for her by her family here in Colorado. While she's down in Colorado Springs doing that, I'm going to have something of a work party up here in Denver.

Sven is coming down from Fort Collins in the morning to help me blow insulation into the attic. Unfortunately, there's no way to reserve the insulation blowing machine. I'm just going to have to cross my fingers and maybe visit more than one Home Depot.

In the afternoon, Jarred is coming up to help paint! I have five walls left, two blue and three white, and they each need two coats of paint. That's not all going to get done in one afternoon, but we should get close.

After work today, I did some prep work. I tried (and failed) to reserve the insulation blower, but I picked up some tyvek suits for me and Sven, as well as some long-cuff disposable gloves and some extra plastic sheeting.

I was intending to set up painter's plastic and do some tapeing before going to bed, but I wound up just going to bed.

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