Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nest Protect in Nursery

Amazon had a warehouse deal for an open-box Nest Protect last week for eighty-six dollars, and I snagged it. It was described as an AC-powered version in the listing, and that's what the box said when it arrived, too. However, the actual Nest Protect was a battery-powered version.

This was the first time I had trouble setting up a Nest Protect. I'm not sure why this one was more difficult than others, but moving the new Nest Protect in a clear line-of-sight with a Nest Protect already on my network seemed to solve whatever the problem was.

Now, if there is ever smoke or carbon monoxide in the nursery, all the Nest Protects in the house will announce that there is a problem "in the Kids' room".

I also got a little plaque hung up on the wall for Brianna. It reads: " Motherhood is a woman's great and incomparable work". 

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