Monday, November 10, 2014

Water Heater for Chicken Coop

We ordered a heater base for the chicken's water dispenser, and it arrived today. It dropped down to the low twenties this afternoon, so the dispenser was already frozen when I got home.

This heater is supposed to sheltered from the rain. I didn't want to put it beneath the coop overhang, because there's a fence rail in the way.

I knocked together a quick shelter out of some scraps and some shingles left over from the chicken coop build.

In my haste, I put the shingles on at a ninety-degree rotation from what I meant. The chickens will just have to live with my shoddy workmanship. They can file a complaint.

Also, I had to recharge my drill battery half-way through the project. It's really on its last legs.

All the chicken coop electrical is now protected by a GFCI. I should have done that earlier, but now that I have a cord reaching outside and exposed to the elements, it seems particularly important.

I did a quick estimate while I was driving to pick up the GFCI and extension cord: based on materials alone, no labor, we could have purchased two dozen eggs a week for three years if we didn't have chickens.

(Brianna asks "well, what type of eggs?)

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