Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sputnik Lamp Above Piano

Brianna and Link gave me a day to myself today! Rather than catch up on sleep, or reading, or anything like that, I opted to do some electrical work.

We have been meaning to put a light in above the piano for awhile now:

There is an outlet at the base of that wall, behind the piano. The opposite side of that wall is the laundry room.

Inside the laundry room, I cut an exploratory hole to see what I was dealing with:

Turns out there were already wires back there (I left them alone). I cut another hole just above the counter, where I would install a switch for the new light, and add an outlet - for some reason there is only one outlet in the entire laundry room, behind the washer and dryer. This project was a great opportunity to add an outlet on the opposite wall. Who knows? Someday we may even use that outlet to iron our clothes.

I ran a wire up from the outlet on the piano-side of the wall, installed the switch and outlet, and buttoned everything up:

Regrettably, I installed the switch upside-down. Oops. I don't expect to use the switch much, so I left it as-is for now - I was tired for turning the circuit breaker on and off.

And here's the new light!

The bulb is a color-changing LED. It came with a little remote control, which will be the primary method of turning the light on and off. I installed the switch mainly in case of an emergency.

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