Monday, January 12, 2015

Under-Cabinet Lighting

I had a very lazy weekend. Pretty much just hung out with Brianna and Link all day Saturday and Sunday.

I did do one minor project: I added a light under that last kitchen cabinet.

I found an LED power supply at IKEA as-is several weeks ago, but didn't want to bunch up all the electrical cord under the cabinet. So Saturday morning, I got out my screwdriver, wire clippers and soldering iron, and shortened the cords (final product above, leftover wire below):

Then is was a simple matter to slap it up under the cabinet with some command strips.

It looks much more balanced now.

Here's what the cord situation looks like for the three cabinets on the left:

If I get bored in the future, I might pull those cords down and do a similar shortening trick.

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