Friday, February 6, 2015

A tale of two boobs

Lincoln has been giving me the gift of sleep lately (between 6.5 & 7 hours). Until the last couple of nights.

It has also been uncomfortable to nurse him on the left side for the last few days. I originally thought he was being lazy with the latch (how his mouth connects). But no, Iast night I figured it out I have been developing a clogged duct... Think palm sized pimple. Other breast is perfectly happy.

What to do you may ask?  The exact opposite of what you want to do! Massage and push it out, have baby suck it out, heat and cold... And if that doesn't work you just have to repeat after the next feeding in a few hours.

The last massage session caused brusing and tenderness? Suck it up and try again... You are crying? Keep at it!

Once you have removed it, you are more likely to develop another one there, so keep up the massages!

Overall it's worth it to give my Lincoln the perfectly custom made, ready to eat food! His cuteness makes up for it!

Your milk is my favorite mom! Can I have some more?

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