Friday, February 13, 2015

Lincoln's Development

He wants that tag in his mouth so badly!

Pretty much since Day 1, Link has been holding his head up and looking around (although he wasn't able to do it for long early on). Pretty much everyone who visits us has commented about it.

Recently, he seems to have grasped that his arms can do something for him, although he's not figured out the fine motor control yet. He managed to position that tiny blanket with all the tags himself, but he can't quite get a tag in his mouth on purpose.

When Link is doing tummy-time on a blanket, he has started pulling the blanket in to his chest. But beyond that, he doesn't really grasp on to things. I've been slightly disappointed by that - I've been hoping he'll grasp my finger and hold on, but he's only done it once or twice so far, despite many attempts on my part.

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