Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Dishwasher

The dishwasher that came with the house has never been in great shape. Recently, the dish racks have gotten really bad: a lot of the bars are simply missing, and rust is showing through everywhere. I have patched the rubber coating on the metal racks twice, but it never lasts long. Replacing just the racks (nothing else!) would cost three. hundred. dollars.

Today, Brianna and I decided we were ready to just replace the dishwasher entirely. We packed Link up and went to our local Sears Outlet. They had four refurbished dishwashers that were within our price range and mostly had the features we wanted. We bought the fifth one, which was just a little outside our price range, but fit our dishes perfectly (we had brought a plate and bowl with us, to test - the sales guy said he had never seen that before). While we were checking out, Link had one of the biggest poops of his life thus far. We managed get Link's diaper changed and load the dishwasher (an Electrolux with a small dent in the front panel) into the back of Brianna's hatchback, then headed home.

Here's a shot of the old dishwasher:

In the course of detaching the old dishwasher, I discovered the sink drain has been leaking. (Ah, the joys of home-ownership. My Dad warned me, but there's a difference between knowing and experiencing).

***Update: the next day - Leak is fixed. Whoever installed the garbage disposal just mucked up a bit. Everything is water-tight now. Years of water damage on the cabinet floor though. I picked up a mold-testing kit from Home Depot - we'll see if anything comes up.***

The new dishwasher fits our plates much better than the old one: in the old one, the plates were constantly in danger of falling forward:

The new one also makes much better use of the vertical space:

Here's the final product!

The new, white dishwasher matches the rest of the kitchen much better than the old black one did. It's also a LOT quieter.

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