Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Coat Rack

A few weeks ago we absentmindedly set the diaper bag down on the floor when we got home from an outing. By the time we turned around, our dog had spread the contents of the entire bag all over the carpet and was eagerly trying to get into the bag containing the dirty diapers.


Today we have a coat rack by the garage to hang the diaper bag on.

I don't understand how IKEA designed this particular item. The hooks for hanging this coat rack were 29 inches apart, which doesn't match any US standard for framing houses that I'm aware of (although admittedly there is a hell of a lot about building houses of which I am unaware). I had to cut 4 inches of length off this rack to fit it on this wall anyway, so drilling a few holes to securely mount this thing on the wall didn't bother me, but still: 29 inches seems weird.

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