Wednesday, September 16, 2015

150-Watt-Equivalent LED in a Single-Socket Light Fixture

The light fixture we put in our dining room only has a socket for a single bulb, and is only rated for 60 watts. We compensated by putting in a 150-watt-equivalent CFL.

That's the 150-watt-equivalent on the left (consumes 40 watts) and a 60-watt equivalent on the right (13 watts).

Unfortunately, this CFL had a long warm-up period and was not dim-able (and I couldn't find any 150-watt-equivalent, dim-able CFLs). I was ready to automate this switch, so I needed to replace the bulb. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any 150-watt-equivalent LEDs, let alone dim-able LEDs. I had to hack together my own solution.

It took forever, but I eventually found a three-socket fixture on amazon

Satco 90-463

I took it apart, spray-painted it silver instead of black, and rewired it. 

Today I installed it with three 60-watt-equivalent LED bulbs:

And here's how it looks now with 2400 lumens, on its own smart dimmer, and included in OpenHAB:

As a side note: it turns out I'm bad at designing experiments. After rewiring the three-socket adapter the first time, I tested it in a socket in the basement. It didn't work. I tore it apart twice trying to figure out what I had wired wrong. I eventually realized my wiring job was fine: the socket I was testing it on had a thick lip that didn't matter with a bulb, but was preventing my socket adapter from screwing in all the way and making good electrical contact. I literally could have had this project done two months ago if I had tested with a different socket.

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