Saturday, September 26, 2015

MOAR Smart Swithes

I installed five new smart switches on three circuits (two circuits were three-way lights, with two switches controlling one circuit). It was supposed to be four circuits, but one of the switches I bought was non-functional out of the box - I'll be returning that switch.

One of the circuits was the basement stairwell. The switch at the top of the stairs was uncomfortably close to the doorway:

So I yanked out the old junction box, and replaced it with a two gang box. It's much more comfortable to use now.

Incidentally, that's what a "smart toggle" switch looks like. Flick up for "on", flick down for "off", press and hold in either direction to control the dimming. I thought photos of it looked pretty ugly (and I still kinda think it looks ugly) but I really really like how well it works. If this style of switch had been available to purchase earlier, more of the house might be using this model.

For the record, the other two circuits that got smart switches are the main floor hallway and the garage. The upstairs office was supposed to get a smart switch, but I put a dumb switch back in when I couldn't get the switch to actually operate.

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