Sunday, September 13, 2015

Three Smart Switches and a Flashlight

Brianna's gone on a business trip, so I'm free to modify the house's electrical switches!

Today I worked on the Kitchen: there were two light fixtures (by the sink and by the kitchen table) that hadn't been automated yet, and one of those switches shared a junction box with the switch for the back deck light:

I didn't just want to replace the switches, though: I wanted to add an outlet. So I did, cause no one was around to stop me.

I've floated this idea to a couple people, but no one has sympathized with my desire to add the outlet. However, I feel confident that none of them have had a pregnant wife request they find a pet tortoise hidden somewhere in the backyard after dark and with snow starting to fall.

Now I'll have a flashlight ready to go on my way out the door!

When Lincoln is down for the night, I'll work on getting these three switches integrated with the rest of the smart house system.

What did I do with Lincoln while I was installing the physical switches? I gave him a cracker and told him to play quietly by himself:

He spent a good chunk of the afternoon bumping into my shins while I worked.

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