Sunday, March 13, 2016

IP Camera in Great Room

The previous owners left a crappy, non-functional motion sensor in the great room. It's really ugly.

I decided I wanted to replace it with an IP camera of some sort. I considered an ethernet camera, but wifi just seemed easier.

This weekend, I removed the motion sensor and investigated the cable:

I tried to use the existing four-wire cable to fish a 10-foot usb cable from the basement to that location. Unfortunately, that didn't work.

So I decided to turn the existing cable into a 10-foot usb cable. I sacrificed an old usb cable and spliced it on to either end of the existing wire.

The existing cable doesn't have any shielding, so I doubt I could do any data transfer over this cable. Should work just fine for power transmission, though.

Then I added a Yi Wifi Camera (basically a 720p Dropcam clone).

Ultimately, the camera is supposed to hide the cable and the hole in the wall, but for today this was the best I could do. It's surprisingly hard to find a white corner mount.

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