Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Adding a Return Air Vent in the Basement

The biggest take-away from getting estimates for a new furnace was learning that there was no air-return in the basement. One of the bidders pointed out to us that we would have to add one in order to get enough airflow through the duct work for a central air conditioner to be viable.

Well, I don't need to pay a contractor to cut a hole in some sheet metal in the basement:

As you can see, there's easily enough suction to hold a paper towel up against the vent grate.

That duct was horribly dusty. I'll replace the furnace filter (which is basically new right now) in a week.

Now, when we turn on the HVAC fan, it will actually circulate cold air from the basement throughout the house.

Edit: the three other return vents still have enough suction to hold up an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper over just a portion of their surface, so I don't think I've unbalanced the system.

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