Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Location for the WiFi Router

Our coax cabling has been messed up since we moved into the house. I have only been able to connect to the internet through one cable port in the basement, which meant our WiFi router has been located in the basement. I have a few ethernet-only (no WiFi) devices in the basement, so this worked out for the most part, but we did not have a reliable WiFi signal in the backyard or the garage.

I finally got around to doing something abut it.

I traced the coax cables, and swapped the active coax cable from the basement connection to one in the Great Room. I put the cable modem, the WiFi router, and a small UPS in a nice box:

For the non-WiFi devices in the basement, I dug out an old WiFi router and flashed it with DD-WRT, and then put it in Client-Bridge mode. The non-WiFi devices plug into the DD-WRT router via ethernet, and then connect to the rest of the network through a wireless bridge between the main router and the client router. Took a while to get it properly configured, but seems to be working well now.

And we have a good WiFi signal throughout the back yard and well down the street now!

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