Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fish tank work

We have been in the house about 7 weeks and up until today I have only fed the fish maybe 4 times a week (Brian wants nothing to do with them).  I have been thinking about getting a sucker fish or a snail to help with removing the algae as I don't really want to fully clean this thing.  

Walked into Essential Pet, a specialty pet store on my way home and talked to a very talkative guy who grows his own coral in salt water tanks.  He was super nice, helpful and convinced me that I should bring some water in to get it tested/fixed before introducing any fish and killing them with shock.  The sucker fish that I was interested in was really cool looking and would cost $12.  He said the fish can handle a nitrates level of 150... went home and brought back a sample of the fish water... I would have killed any new fish.  Apparently, I need to do a 20% water change out every three days until I get the nitrates down to 100.  The scale ended at 400, so it may be higher than that and he said that I have some super hardy fish!

Before: boring background, only one working bulb
Nitrates~ 400

I am really glad the previous owners installed a fitting to make the siphon into the drain easy and installed a fresh water hook-up only inches away.  It made the water change out process go super smooth.  They only installed a cold water hook-up so the 20% change out dropped the temperature from 78F to 68F.  The fish were huddled by the heater.  I added a pH buffer to help create a neutral environment.  I will bring a sample into Essential Pet after I do three 20% changes (400-> 320-> 256-> 205).  Maybe I should wait until the 4th 20% change out 205->164...

The water is murky after adding water stirred up the bottom stuff.

After: pretty background, replaced burned out right bulb
pH: buffered to 7.8
Nitrates ~320

Looks much cooler in the dark
Hey!  I got 4 of the 5 fish in one picture!  They are pretty little guys.


  1. The fish tank is really cool, especially in the dark!

  2. You know what would be even cooler? Indoor aquaponics! You've already got the fish tank, just plumb in a few grow beds and a pump.

    Do it!