Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend Summary

Aside from starting work on painting another bedroom and painting a shelving unit, we did some other work around the house this weekend:

  • Our "new" chest freezer got cleaned out and turned on. Now we need to stock it up!
  • Changed out the furnace filter.
  • Two more boxes were unpacked.
  • The pet stuff in the laundry room got organized
  • The backyard was cleansed of Eva's "presents" 
  • And the main floor of the house was vacuumed.
We also had some deliveries, both from

Brianna has wanted folding step stools in the kitchen since we moved in, and these actually put her right at eye height with me! As for the Pyrex...well, apparently a kitchen can't have too much Pyrex.

After a full day of work (including the inaugural Easter Egg hunt!) we went to see the second Captain America movie (which was pretty great!) and now it is bedtime before spending Easter Sunday with Brianna's family in Colorado Springs.

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