Friday, August 29, 2014

36 Hours of Solitude

I managed to whine my way out of a trip to the mountains this weekend. I sent Brianna south to her family with a stern admonition to stay hydrated earlier this evening.

I feel a little bit guilty about skipping out on the trip to the mountains, but it's pretty much overwhelmed by feelings of productivity: barring an act of Murphy, the Great Room will be painted and cleared of plastic and debris before Brianna (and her hyper-active sense of smell) gets back on Sunday - which would make this the first room I've completed in just one week. It's also a great opportunity to do electrical work without inconveniencing her. Heck, I may even fold laundry!

I began my celebration of productivity by watching TV for an hour.

And then I got to work:

I may be able to catch up to this schedule afterall.

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