Sunday, August 10, 2014

FIrewood and Back Yard Clean Up

The sellers left quite a few logs between the shed and the fence in the back yard. They also clearly used the area as a composting/dumping area. My father-in-law lent me a chainsaw and splitting maul this weekend, so I could chop up the logs for use in the winter in our wood-burning fireplace.

Once again, I forgot to take a "before" picture. The earliest photos I have are after cutting the logs down to size. Brianna had a "before" photo:

Eva would follow Brianna anywhere, as long as a gate didn't get in the way.
The following photos are from after I cut the logs into sections.

I stopped cutting when the chainsaw idled to a stop and wouldn't immediately restart. I split the logs with the maul, then did a first pass at cleaning up all the dead vegetation by throwing it in the chicken run. The chickens loved it.

I really wished I had a wheelbarrow when it was time to truck the split logs from the back corner of the yard to the front corner by the garage. But Brianna came out and did a few trips with me, and the little neighbor girl apparently thinks we're cool enough that she even volunteered to help us carry wood, as well. Overall, I think we made a vast improvement on the back corner of the yard. Still have another solid afternoon worth of work ahead of me, though.

I'll add that bale of hay to the chicken coop when I finish up with this area. Another day.

We have a good chunk of wood set up for the winter, now.

There's some darker wood on the bottom-right, which was in the woodshed when we bought the house, but the rest is wood I cut and split today. The quantity worked out pretty well!

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