Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, Part III

I installed the last four cabinet handles this morning. After my last post, I asked Brianna what she thought about getting longer ones. She very politely told me I could do whatever I wanted.

I still think these are shorter than I would like. But they do have a significant advantage: if you cut that corner coming in to the kitchen, these shorter handles will not be able to hook onto a belt loop or pocket. And hopefully a hypothetical little boy will have a harder time poking his eye with these short handles.

I've spent roughly $40 at IKEA as-is to get all this hardware, and I still have five of the short handles left over. If I had paid full price for just the hardware I used, it would have cost $110.

I'm not quite finished, though. Brianna changed her mind now that she's seen the entire kitchen with new cabinet pulls, and wants one more handle installed on the lower corner cabinet by the sink.

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