Sunday, August 3, 2014

Installing the New Range Hood - Aborted

I was planning to install the range hood this weekend. I have most of the required hardware at this point.

Update: to clarify: in this photo, the wall on the left is the exterior wall. My plan is to run the ducting up through the cabinet above the stove, then run ducting so it lies flat on top of the cabinets to the exterior wall. Adding crown molding to the top of the cabinets will hide the ducting from sight.

Unfortunately, the exterior wall has a stud right where I need to route the ducting.

I'm honestly not sure how to proceed on this one. I'd rather not do a bunch of drywall work in the kitchen.

Time to ask for advice, I think...


  1. That's a tough one. Ideally you would cut the stud and then put in a header between the studs on each side of the one you cut. You might be able to build a box out of 2x4 that fits over the vent and transfers the load around the cutout in the stud. I suspect most people would just cut the stud and be done with it. Dad.

    1. Hey Dad! I was planning to call you tomorrow :-)

      What do you think of cutting the ducting to fit around the stud?

      I would have to paint the stud to prevent rot, but its hard to imagine one 2x4 sticking through the ducting would cause more resistence than a 90 degree elbow.

    2. Probably a fire hazard plus I don't think you want the moist air possibly leaking into your wall. Sometimes you can find hoods that output in different locations such as near the side rather than in the middle.

  2. Depending on where the stud is exactly, and if the interior wall is non-weight-bearing, you could angle back into the wall at a 45 degree angle to go around the stud. (That is, from a top, view you'd have a 45 degree bend to the right.) Or, you might be able to angle out to avoid the stud.