Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yard Work

While visiting siblings up in Fort Collins last weekend, we learned we are supposed to be composting the chickens' bedding and leftovers on a regular basis. This explains why the chicken coop was starting to smell.

We managed to buy what just might be the last two composters in Parker - apparently it's the end of the season, and most stores were out of stock. But we got both for just $100 total.

Placed these right next to the fence. Hopefully nobody notices they're not "complementary to community".

I also replaced one of our sprinklers, which has been making a fair amount of whistling noise; and modified the drip line in the chicken run as a backup water source for the chickens. The whole sprinkler system ran nice and quiet during testing - we'll see how it sounds when it runs as scheduled tomorrow morning. (Update: slept right through the sprinklers this morning - perfect!).

Oh yeah - I mowed the lawn and put the clippings in the chicken run, too.

Brianna remediated a few dead patches that we allowed to die before figuring out the sprinkler system. Hopefully they come back.

Finally, I spent a fair amount of time doing general clean-up, picking up dead branches, pulling a few weeds, and finally picking up the last of the construction debris from building the chicken coop.


  1. Put a 6-inch layer of straw in the entire chicken coop and you won't have to worry about the smell. As a bonus, you'll be able to take it out 1-2 times a year and have a lot of high quality compost / potting soil.

    1. Good tip! Is that for the enclosed chicken coop only, or for the entire chicken run?