Friday, August 22, 2014

Visit from Ellora

My high-school-aged sister-in-law Ellora is visiting us for the weekend, up from Colorado Springs.

Ellora, fresh off her victory in the state-wide science fair this past year, is already prepping for next year's science fair. She put out the call to her relatives for ideas a month-or-so ago. I had recently read a description of a do-it-yourself magnetic observatory - essentially a compass on steroids. I told her that there was nothing on the computing end that she couldn't do with an old iPhone.

A big part of this weekend's visit was to get Ellie started on writing her own iPhone app. I got her set up with an old version of Apple's programming environment (the latest one that would run on her hand-me-down MacBook) and she promptly surpassed my ability with Apple programming. I spent the rest of the weekend responding to questions with "What do you think that error message means?" and "what are the best words to type into Google to find the solution?"

It didn't take her too long to stop questioning me entirely, and just turn directly to the internet for answers. Success!

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