Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Air Sealing the Attic

No physical progress on the house today - I'm still letting my toe heal up.

I did look into adding insulation to the attic (something I want to do before winter really sets in).

I learned I'm supposed to air-seal the attic before blowing in insulation. I looked up exactly what that meant, and it's kind of a bummer: I need to caulk or otherwise seal every hole in the ceiling. And I put four additional holes in the ceiling by installing all those ceiling lights - all of which would have been relatively easy to seal at the time of installation - the hard part is getting to each section of the attic where the lights are.

Well, maybe I can seal those light fixtures from below - I'm kinda tired of being in the attic. The previous owners cut a couple of holes in the ceiling as well, for the security system. I know those need to be sealed, because I used the light leaking up through them as a reference point the previous times I was up in the attic.

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