Thursday, September 25, 2014

HAVEN Smart Lock

Well, this is a pretty interesting take on a smart lock:

It bolts to the floor inside the doorway. In its retracted position, the door swings over it, and it's flush with the threshold. To lock, it pops up, holding the door closed. In an emergency, or if it's locked and you don't want to fish out your phone, just press it down with your toe.

It's on kickstarter right now (here's the permanent page), but I'm worried about their ability to put out a good product: it seems like they still have a lot of details to nail down - manufacturer, power source, wireless antennas and exactly what kind of control protocols they'll support. They're projecting a ship date of August 2015, so they are giving themselves some time to figure out all those details. Based on my previous experience with Kickstarters, though, I'm going to guess this particular project will be 6 to 12 months late.

Still, it's pretty interesting. I might pledge a dollar just to get the email updates...

Edit: Yep, totally just pledged a dollar.

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