Saturday, September 6, 2014

Baby Shower

Michelle threw a fantastic and fantastically well-organized baby shower for Brianna! I don't have many photos, but the short time I spent there looked pretty fun!

Aunt Fran, Aunt Karen and Heidi came up from south Washington just to see us! Uncle Bill sent up a little gift for me, keeping in theme with this website: an IKEA gift card!

Dad later cracked a joke that "Now you can afford something from the full-price section!" (Psh - or two more things from the as-is section, Dad!)

Speaking of Dad, Simeon and I took the dogs over to visit Dad while the baby shower was going on. While Dad was showing us the latest work on the car he is restoring, the dogs hopped up into the trunk, ready to go on a drive!

I was thinking of photoshopping a pistol onto Dad's hip where he's reaching for his phone, but my photoshop skills aren't up to the task - you'll have to imagine it for yourself.

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