Friday, September 19, 2014

Google Maps Photo Views

Well this is kinda cool.

My first stab at running a website was That website, like this one, was a cross between private diary and a public, notated photo album. focused a lot on public photo albums and geo-location (and the cross section of the two: geo-tagged photos). I even put together a public map of my geo-tagged photos, which you can check out here (click on the dots to view the pictures). I started the website in 2010, and kept it updated through the end of 2011, with a few posts dribbling out in 2012. Just about all the photos were taken with an iPhone 3GS, so there's nothing special about the photos other than location and the fact that I took them.

Today I got a notification that Google has rolled out a much slicker version of the photos page I had put together myself, called Google Maps Views. You can check out my pictures here.

What surprised me is that my collection of public, geo-tagged photos have racked up over 128,000 views! :-D

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